Comet brand

Comet spa is an international business founded on the strength of a world-renowned brand. With 3 production sites, many branches and numerous distributors, Comet works in more than 70 countries around the globe.

In addition to Italy, where the company has consolidated its position of absolute prestige, Comet is particularly active in the European and international markets; with most of its turnover produced here, Comet is one of the leading continental businesses in the sector.

Continuous technological innovation of products and processes and the internationalization of its sales network have also helped the company’s constant growth in turnover over the years.

Comet spa is an international excellence that enjoys the appreciation of the whole sector, earning a reputation as one of the leading world players.


Total customer satisfaction is the foundation of Comet spa’s mission. This is achieved through the development of clear strategic guidelines for:

  • Increasing competitiveness
  • Product innovation
  • Constant improvement of quality and service

Innovation is the main route to staying ahead of and satisfying the needs of the end customer, successfully interpreting the rapid evolutions of technologies and standards.

Comet S.p.A. boasts a consolidated and capillary presence in the market of high pressure cleaners, using both warm and cold water. The wide range of products includes models from semi-professional to professional, with electric or diesel engines and with pressures up to 500 Bar. The success of the Cleaning Division is founded on innovation and customer satisfaction, mainstays for the Company in its entirety.

Comet S.p.A. is geared towards the continuous improvement of its level of technology, reliability and the performance of its products, so it can propose to its clients an offer of great value. From compact high pressure cleaners up to professional products for industrial use, Comet offers the right model for every need. A complete range of special accessories also guarantees the right solution for extraordinary cleaning issues.