CRS 75-85 Plus

Ride-On Series

icon hour meter Cometicon solenoid valve Cometicon charge meter Cometicon brushes Comet

Capable to work for the maintenance and deep cleaning of large areas (up to 4.000 mq) with a considerable reduction of cleaning costs

  • More than 50 kg of constant pressure on the brushes
  • Large load tank capacity, resulting in reduced number of stops and maximum use of battery charge for effective operation of the machine
  • Compact size (810 mm total width)
  • Stability even when fully loaded, front independent wheeldrive with tight steering radius
  • Recovery tank control window for cleaning and easy ordinary maintenance
  • Automatic squeegee lifting system
  • Automatic squeegee lifting while reverse going
  • Self-levelling brushes
  • Antifoam device

Spare parts list:

  • Version 75 
  • Version 85