TW700 1450-1750rpm|30mm|12-17lt|700bar

  • Crankcase complete with fins for low oil temperature, made of die-cast aluminium alloy, anodized for surface protection
  • Delivery valves plug
  • Stainless steel head
  • Highly efficient stainless steel check valves
  • Exclusive packaging system:
    — high pressure seals: high quality self lubricating packings
    — low pressure seals: special buna-textile packings with antiextrusion rings
  • Standard flushing system for water cooling
  • Tungsten carbide plungers, highly corrosion and abrasion-proof
  • Exclusive crankcase oil sealing system, it minimizes the wearing on pistons
  • Ø 30 solid shaft for coupling to pulley, to gearbox or hollow-shaft electric motor
  • Top-quality and oversized conical roller bearings with covers for adjusting the pre-load
  • Oil level viewer
  • Special aluminium alloy conrods made in a double piece
  • O-ring seal system between crankcase and rear cover
  • Stainless-steel hardened pistons guide.

Spare parts list: